Digital Forming Design Bar Creates A Buzz at the 3D Print Show

As you may have read in the press, the 3D Print Show was held in London earlier this month – and there was a real buzz around the event which featured everything from 3D Printed shoes and bras to toys, games, homeware,
artwork and even replicas of ancient artefacts. There were also workshops and seminars, as well as live music with 3D printed instruments and fashion shows featuring 3D printed clothes!

For Digital Forming, the event marked the launch of our new collaborative design software, which we demoed at our very own Co-Design Bar!


Our products ranged from fun novelty pens to velvety iPhone covers (popular with the ladies – while the boys loved the version with the megaphone– see below!) to smart cufflinks – all of which could be personalised in virtual 3D with our easy to use software.

Visitors of all ages (from school kids to seniors) had fun choosing their favourite colours, textures, and features, as well as adding their names or a catch phrase – and there was a fantastic vibe around the bar.

Also on display were designs by our Creative Director, renowned product designer Assa Ashuach – whose quirky pens and stunning lights caused much curiosity and admiration among our guests.

Beautiful designer lamps by Tom Dixon – customised with Digital Forming software at this year’s Milan Design Show – also demonstrated the power and versatility of our technology. As one visitor put it – ‘I’m just blown away’.


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